Senior Advertising


Parents must have all photos and text prepared at the time of reserving your child’s ad. You will create and pay for the ad at the same time. If you are ready to submit your senior ad order, please visit the Jostens Ad Service website here. 

The yearbook staff and adviser will not be accepting any photos, text or payment through the school or email. All orders must be submitted through the Jostens Ad Service.

(All orders must still be placed online.)

Your Heritage High School Senior’s year is going to be filled with a lot of firsts, lasts, and memorable experiences. One of these is his or her yearbook. The yearbook staff wants to establish a tradition we have found to be the most unique to honor your son/daughter/family member. We are extending you a chance to convey a special message to your senior in his or her final high school yearbook. By offering you space in our advertising section, you may send your senior a message that will be preserved forever in their final yearbook. The personalized message may include pictures you provide. Cost of the ads vary, depending on the size of the message you wish to send. Also, family members, parents, brothers, sisters, and friends can contribute to this unique offer to make your message more special if you would like to do so. You may use a message found on a sample, or you may create a special one of your own.

 Deadlines, Prices & Sizes: 

Early Bird Offer: Due Friday, Sept. 28
Full Page: $288
1/2 Page: $144
1/4 Page: $76
1/8 Page: $44
Regular Offer: Due Friday, Oct. 12
Full Page: $360
1/2 Page: $180
1/4 Page: $95
1/8 Page: $55
Late Offer: Due Friday, Nov. 2
Full Page: $385
1/2 Page: $205
1/4 Page: $120
1/8 Page: $80